• My name is Dave van Leeuwen. I am an experienced PT and have been active in sports and fitness for the last 12 years. Furthermore I am specializing in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Haagse Hogeschool . As personal trainer and nutritionist I am well equipped to guide you reaching your goals. With fun and
  • My name is Bas Hubertus and have been working at SportCity for the last 10 years, one of the largest chain of Fitness and Health Clubs in the Netherlands. After fulfilling different positions within Sportcity, I am now back at my roots: personal coaching and training. With my coaching and training any goal will come
  • My name is Cristian Weijmans. It is my passion to coach and give personal training to people. Years of experience in Fitness, Martial Arts and the commercial sports industry has given me a good vision of what the clients’ needs are and what motivates them to actually reach their goals. I am part of the

Nutrition advice

In order to improve your health and fitness you need healthy nutrition. Personal Training Leiden offers professional nutritional advice. During a consultation we will discuss your current eating habits, your goals and your current fitness schedule. During this approx. 60 minute meeting you will receive your first advices and after a few days you’ll receive a detailed nutrition advice via email. Depending on your goals and personal wishes we offer sequel appointments of approx. 30 minutes. Email your questions to: info@ptleiden.nl